Public Health Team

Team Image Mark Hoppe
Team Leader
Mark Hoppe, Syngenta
  • Bob Wirtz
  • Helen Pates-Jamet
  • James Austin
  • John Lucas
  • John Invest
  • Kate Aultman
  • Kobi Barkai
  • Ralf Nauen
  • Sebastian Horstmann
  • Ronda Hamm

The Public Health Team was formed in 2006 to continue the work initiated by the previous IRAC Vector Team and has the extended remit covering hygiene pests as well as vectors.  Most of the efforts have focused on forming links with key groups working in the vector control area (WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation BMGF and Innovative Vector Control Consortium IVCC). A key IRAC publication “Prevention and Management of Insecticide Resistance in Vectors and Pests of Public Health Importance” was first published with inputs from these groups in 2007 and an updated second edition was published in 2010. A mini-version of this comprehensive booklet was published in 2011. 

Team Objectives

  • Identify potential, new or existing resistance issues. Set up Team Working Groups or Focal Points as necessary
  • Provide expert input into IRM initiatives with identified partners, interact with groups working in the same field and participate/organise relevant meetings.
  • Formulate the IRAC position on ongoing questions and issues as these arise
  • Preparation of Public Health communication material

WHO Test Methods and associated information

CDC Vector resistance Assays:

CropLife Intl. – Information on Public Health and Vector Control

Latest Public Health News

Apr '138

IRAC International’s 48th Meeting at Jealott’s Hill, UK

IRAC held their 48th International Spring Meeting at Syngenta’s Research Centre in the UK on 18-22 March 2013. There were 12 session held over the 5 days including various working group planning meetings, a meeting of the IRAC Executive, and an “International Day’ with a session of guest speakers covering different aspects of resistance and resistance management. Presentations from the ‘International Day’ can be found on the IRAC website Resources Page and by filtering for Spring Meeting 2013

Sep '1212

IRAC position statement on the use of mixtures

IRAC, in consultation with its Executive member companies and representatives, have developed a general one-page position statement that presents the IRAC view on the use of mixtures and their relevance to insecticide resistance management. This includes the crop and public health sectors but more specific guidance, relevant to each area, will be developed over time using the position statement as a starting point. Copies of the IRAC Position Statement can be download via this link  or from links found on a number of the team pages (Executive, Crop, Public Health and Biotech).