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IRAC is an international group of more than 150 members of the Crop Protection Industry organised by sector and region to advise on the prevention and management of insecticide resistance.

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Resistance is ‘a heritable change in the sensitivity of a pest population, reflected in the repeated failure of a product to achieve the expected level of control when used as instructed for that pest species’.

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30 years of IRAC celebrated at the IRAC International Meeting

IRAC held their 49th International Spring Meeting at the Hamner Conference Center, Research Triangle Park, NC hosted by BASF and Bayer CropScience on 17-20 March 2014. There were 9 sessions held over the 4 days including various working group planning meetings, a meeting of the IRAC Executive, and an “International Day” with four invited guest speakers. Presentations from the ‘International Day’ can be found on the IRAC website Resources Page by filtering for Spring Meeting 2014. In addition to the normal topics it was also a celebration of the 30th anniversary since the formation of IRAC in 1984. 

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