The Role of IRAC

IRAC is prolonging the effectiveness of insecticides, acaracides and traits by implementing insecticide resistance management strategies, countering the development of resistance in the three core sectors of traditional Crop Protection, Plant Biotechnology and Public Health.

IRM Resources

Communication and education is key to promoting awareness of insecticide resistance and effective resistance management strategies worldwide. IRAC has published a wide range of communication and educational material, all of which are available free to download from the website. Printed copies of the booklets and the Mode of Action structures poster in English are available via the IRAC Coordinator.

A global response to a global problem

Insecticide resistance management is a global challenge, and IRAC is delivering strategic responses worldwide with localized as well as international initiatives.

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    Berlin, Germany
    The International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) brings together plant protection scientists and practitioners from around the world every 4 years to communicate and discuss important problems and new discoveries related to crop losses due to pests and their management. We expect about 2000 participants. The program of activities being developed jointly by the three German organisations, […]
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