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IRAC is an international group of more than 150 members of the Crop Protection Industry organised by sector and region to advise on the prevention and management of insecticide resistance.

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Resistance is ‘a heritable change in the sensitivity of a pest population, reflected in the repeated failure of a product to achieve the expected level of control when used as instructed for that pest species’.

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A new IRAC International Statement has been published on considerations for the IRM value of using insecticides on transgenic crops

Chemical insecticides can be applied to conventional and transgenic crops expressing insecticidal proteins. When conducting a pest management program, it is important to take into account IRM considerations for both the transgenic trait (i.e. refuge adoption) and the chemistries being employed (both foliar applied and seed treatments). The IRAC Statement lists the key factors that should be considered when assessing the IRM value of applying the chemical insecticide.

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